Mars Sherman they/them

I am a weirdo that likes to play around with electronics and computers, both old and new. I like to dabble in photography, keep my old junky car running, and fix odds and ends around the house.

arbitrary tech preference list: linux, android, screen not tmux, vim, wget not curl, php for simple web, golang for complicated web, C for everything else, assembly when you wanna feel like Acid Burn from Hackers

What's the Purpose of this site?

The main purpose of this site is to document my hobby projects. By writing about my projects or how they work, I find problems in them, or in my understanding of how they function (or fail to function.) I make this information public in the hope it is useful to someone. Or at least, that the information here isn't harmful to you. If you take any advice from me, and it ruins your day and doesn't work, don't say I didn't warn you! But, please, tell me it didn't work so I can warn others not to blow up their valuable stuff. (Or themselves.)

Officially, these are my kid's Legos. But I still play with them.