Resume - Mars (Mark) Sherman


Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, August 2006
University of California, Berkeley


Sr. Staff Engineer, 2016 - Present
Radio metadata, search, and monitoring APIs

Sr. Software Engineer, June 2012 - Present
Gracenote, Emeryville, CA
Highly scalable and fault tolerant web service.

Software Engineer, Video Technologies, December 2008 - June 2012
Gracenote, Emeryville, CA
Gracenote Entourage
Design, implement and maintain major components of Gracenote Video ID and Video Explore.
Reverse engineer DVD copy protection and metadata obfuscation methods.

Software & Electrical Engineer / Network Administrator, July 2006 - November 2008
Alpha Scientific Electronics, Hayward, CA
Design and implement complex embedded software for power supply control.
Conduct testing of industrial power supplies for medical, government, military and academic use.
Maintain company network and servers.
Interact with external customers to develop product designs and troubleshoot.

Computer Programmer, Summers of 2001, 2002
KISS Institute for Practical Robotics, Norman, OK
Ported firmware code between educational robotics platforms (MIT Handyboard to LEGO RCX).
Wrote documentation for and presented robotics training courses to high school students and teachers.

NASA Student Intern, Summer of 2000
NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA
Summer internship developing software and educational materials for the NASA Robotics Education Project.
Worked as part of small team of programmers and technical writers.
Developed novel control system for behavior-based robots.


Programming Languages: Golang, C/C++, AVR Assembly, PHP, x86/64 assembly, BASH, BASIC Rusty experience with: Java, Perl, Matlab, Verilog, HC11 assembly, MIPS assembly, Scheme/LISP, FORTH
Very Interested in Learning: AI, Rust
Tools:Perforce, Git/lab/hub, kdevelop, gcc/gdb, Visual Studio, Makefiles, AWS, Terraform
Operating Systems: Linux, Mac OS-X , Windows
Most Interested In: Graphics, Vintage/Legacy/Unusual systems
Embedded Systems: Arduino/AVR C and assembly, embedded Linux, embedded DOS, PIC controllers, BASIC stamps & variants, CAMBASIC, FORTH interpreters.
Protocols & Libraries: Qt, TCP/IP, HTTP, standard C libraries, Win32, OpenGL (both fixed function and shaders), GPIB, POSIX, RS-232, XML, JSON, I2C, SPI
General Computer Skills: Building and troubleshooting IBM-PCs, networking, Office suites, Photoshop/GIMP
EE Skills Digital logic, small signal analog amplifers (audio and RF), soldering, PSPICE.



Smart Radio
Co-inventor on Patent #11812102 : Generation of media station previews using a reference database
onConnect TV, movie Theatre listing service. Powers zap2it, moviefone, etc.


Rhythm Internet radio service.
Integrating Gracenote service with Xbox Music. I personally met and worked with Microsoft software engineers to integrate our systems.

Large portions of both client and server software for Gracenote Entourage. I switched departments from client to service halfway through this project and had a hand on both sides.

Implemented significant portions of Gracenote Video ID and Video Explore client software.


C-644 1980's style 8-bit microcomputer designed around an Atmel microcontroller

Alpha Scientific Electronics

Assisted development of software for Advanced Light Source power supplies at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
Updated an aging power supply diagnostic setup to no longer require Commodore hardware.

UC Berkeley undergrad coursework

Developed a hardware-accelerated rendering engine on PlayStation 2 hardware.
Implemented 32-bit CPU in Verilog on a Field Programmable Gate Array.

Other Interests, etc

Amateur Radio License
Auto repair