Legal CRAP

Legal CRAP

There's a lot of legal CRAP that websites are mandated to carry.

As the sign in the parking garage at my work says...

This is a Contract! Read it!


The parts of the website I control do not use cookies. Third party components, such as embeded video players and 'widgets' or ads might use cookies. I don't know or care what they do with them, and I can't prevent them from doing so. Even if I did spend the time to analyze what they do with your data, they may change that at any time without notice to me and thus to you. The sames goes for your GDPR-protected personal identifiable data. Even if they, in plain language, told me exactly what they do with your data, I can't verify or enforce it. Little me forcing Google to behave? Not a chance. Don't trust anyone.

The only data I collect about you is IP Address and User-Agent. It is stored in the web server log, and I don't use it for anything. It is stored because that is a default setting that I never bothered to turn off. The IP address might also be used to idenify users trying to hack the site, or to ban DoS attempts. Now, unless you email me, I don't know your email address, so if you wish to remain anonymous, don't email me.


The entire contents of this web site, except where otherwise noted, is Copyright Mark Sherman. The contents may be used for any purpose, but may not be redistributed. (Exception granted to archive.org) If anyone happens to store a personal copy, and my websites goes offline permanently, you are granted permission to re-host the copy as a mirror, but with the copyright still attributed to me (Mark Sherman.)

All source code is GPLv2 unless otherwise noted

Any content you believe violates your copyright may be reported to m @ mwsherman.com


Some of the projects on this page are not the best ideas. I make no guarantee they function properly, or are even safe. They may malfunction , damage your equipment, or perhaps even kill you. It is entirely up to you to account for your own safety.

Protecting Children

If you are a child reading this page 1) good for you for being interesting in technology 2) please ask your parents for help

18 USC 2257

All models are over 18 years of age. Just kidding, there's no pornography on this website.


The owner of this webpage resides in California. Any legal challenges must be be met in a California court. If you challenge in any other court, you agree to 1)forfeit any claims you are making 2)pay me $1,000,000 USD 3) The langauge of this document is plain English, not 'legalese.' No strange, hidden meanings to the words here, just what the 'layperson' might take something to mean.

Binding? Are you Serious?

Some people think that just posting a notice makes a contract. The parking garage at my work has a sign that says "Read this: This is a contact." The Internet seems to think that posting notices make a binding agreement. The logic goes something like this: If you do not agree with what is written on this webpage, you don't have permission to use this webpage. You are an unauthorized user. If you are an unauthorized user, you are accessing a remote computer (my web server) without permission, constituting an illegal 'hack' by the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Now, I personally think this is a little silly. But if it comes down to it, I'm not above being silly.