Retrochallenge 2022/10

Up and Running 10/09/2022

I took the computer board out of storage, and hooked it up to a screen and keybord. It works just like how I put it away... with one issue. Look closely, the left side of the screen is cutoff...

When I was developing the lastest version of the VGA library, I was connected to a full-size monitor, not this mini one. And I guess the mini one is more strict about timings... my other monitors, even one that was an older 4:3 LCD, adjusted to the timing just fine. From the looks of its, it is almost 2 characters wide... about 16 pixels, so that is 32 clocks. I need almost 32 clocks between H-sync and pixels for this monitor... I'm looking at the assembly code to see what options there are.

Of course, when I put it on my nice big monitor, it looks perfect.

After some turning-it-off-and-on-again, the tiny monitor syncs fine now, and I can't even get it to sync poorly. I have nothing to fix. I think maybe it wasn't connecting well, because I couldn't get it to sync properly the first time, but after unplugging and replugging to the big monitor, it sync fine... on both monitors. I'm gonna blame the breadboard connections for now. (Or the mechanical elves/faeries fixed it when I wasn't looking.)

Next Steps

I think I want to rebuild and flash the software I have now... just to make sure I'm starting from the right place. And then, I have to put this thing in a physical case... A nice box with good connections. Then, this thing can sit on my desk, plugged into my KVM like a 'real' computer, and I can work more on the OS.

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